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BTC Guardian cooperates with different organizations, entities and corporations o further develop the Blockchain Ecosystems and DLT (distributed ledger technologies) in compliance with tax & legal regulations

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lex– Compliance –

You exchange FIAT for crypto or viceversa? You record part of your revenues in bitcoin? Vendors of yours accept your bitcoins?

Then you want ot make sure you comply with FinCEN (or SEPBLAC in Spain). You Know Your Customer. Don’t run the risk of having your Finance or Tax authorities having a rant at you and worst case shut you down.

audit-internal control-

Your business funnels high amounts of currency through the administration (petty cash, banks or wallets)? Have you implemented segregation of duties? Is expense recording separated from your vendor payments? Which clerk can access which Finance or Accounting module function?

You want to make sure your hard earned money does not end recorded on the wrong wallet or bank account.

flowchart– process design & improvement –

How robust are you day in day out business processes? Have you considered all bitcoin particularities, like valuation, asset classification, profit & loss impact? Are your processes efficient or time consuming? Does financial reporting match your month end expectations?

You want to make sure that any random audit or inspection raises no concern in their report to your local authorities.

payment– payment process integrity –

How do you ensure frictionless payment runs and remittances? Do you use multisig wallets or is payment process stuck when travelling or stuck in meetings? Do you manage threshold levels to make payments more fluent?

You probably want to avoid your revenues ending in the wrong wallet or your vendors yelling at you while you believe money flowed to them with the last payment run.

connectivity– interfaces & connectivity –

How does your brand-new POS-terminal relate to your business software? Does your wallet record general ledger entries? How do balances reconcile each month between wallet, POS terminal or payment processor?

You probably want for your systems to talk to each other, have the right valuation of your cryptocurrency stock, or a neat report on payments past and future, Cash flow statements and alike.

security– storage security –

Are you storing your bitcoin cold (off-line) or on-line? Which wallet gives you the comfort you are looking for and the security and functionalities you deserve? How many private keys are needed to access your balances and who are the custodians?

You want to make sure you can instruct or release payments at any convenient time for your business without risking unallowed access to your funds.

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@ BTC-Guardian we think that early adopters are key to spread the word and test feasibility. We are designing our freeware for them to promote everyone participating in the Bitcoin ecosystem enjoying structured, compliant business processes. With your help we will shorten design phase and enhance the process capabilities. Our Bitcoin public Adress:




consulting flch

We can help your organization adapt operations to the Bitcoin Technology. BTC-Guardian will work with your executive management on proper long-term strategic positioning and the addition of new market niches, with minimal investment on your end. Through our Consulting Services your organization will enjoy new operational processes and the necessary tools for proper operation and control whilst adopting Bitcoin. By identifying potential risks to your organization, our professionals consequently recommend the mitigating controls deemed appropriate. BTC-Guardian will accompany you before, during and after implementation ensuring that both, your staff and IT organization end up working as agreed.


Audit practice either domestically or internationally is stricktly regulated by different national and international organizations. In Spain the regulatory body is the Institute of Accounting and Audit, which reports to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Link: An Audit consists of the review and verification of annual accounts and other financial statements or accounting documents prepared under the applicable regulatory financial reporting framework. This activity is aimed at issuing a report assessing the reliability of these documents for any interest third parties may hold against your company. The financial statements audit verifies those accounts in order to rule whether a true and fair valuation of the assets, financial position and results of the audited entity has taken place in accordance with the regulatory financial reporting framework that is applicable. It shall also cover, if necessary, verification of the management report accompanying the financial statements in order to assess its agreement with the aforementioned financial statements and whether their content is in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. With the aim of defining the processes which will ensure both, proper documentation & correct valuation, BTC-Guardian Auditors with a long track record of success, will collaborate with your organization as well as with your organization’s auditor. Our goal is to install confidence with your business owners and management and make them feel comfortable with all new implemented bitcoin related processes and tools, at the same time as your auditor. BTC-Guardian offers regular and timely review of its bitcoin technology related processes, ensuring their compliance with all applicable regulation. We will propose, if necessary, appropriate recommendations to mitigate potential risks.

Are your vendors, stakeholders, customers or employees prepared to enter the new Internet of Money age? At BTC-Guardian we take the training task very seriously. We will shed light on all legal, accounting, valuation or procedural aspects as well as on the technology behind the bitcoin network.


Make your pick and choose the audience. We are prepared to talk to

  • Noobs
  • Businessmen
  • Sales Executives
  • Consulting Executives
  • Executive Boards & Business Strategists
  • IT Executives
  • Investors
  • Institutional Audiences

Together we will find the appropriate venue and date.

Regulatory Aspects

LawpicRegulatory Framework for Financial Reporting:

the set of rules, principles and criteria established in:

  1. The regulations of the European Union on consolidated accounts, where applicable.
  2. The Commercial Code and other commercial legislation.
  3. The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the General Chart of Accounts and sectoral adjustments.
  4. The mandatory rules approved by the Institute of Accounting and Auditing developing the General Accounting Plan and its complementary regulations.
  5. The rest of the Spanish accounting legislation applicable.

Tax-LawTax Policy Framework:

  1. Income Tax
  2. Property Transfer Tax
  3. VAT
  4. City Council Taxes
  5. etc


The BTC-Guardian team is built with Senior auditing, consulting and entrepreneuring professionals. With combined over 50 years experience, our professionals have held executive positions at Fortune 500 multinationals, developing a view of the organizational needs for the adoption of technologies such as Bitcoin.

Carlos B. Steinblock

Co-Founder & CEO

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of decentralized currency system similar to Dollars or Pounds, except that it is completely digital (based on computer hardware and software). These „digital coins“ can be used like traditional money for transactions between two parties. They are „mined“ (like gold or silver) from a special „peer-to-peer“ computer program that sits on a distributed worldwide network of computers. The mining process involves using computers to solve complex mathematical problems and getting rewarded with the bitcoins which the „miners“ can then trade for other things just like silver can be exchanged for Dollars or used to pay people’s wages. Bitcoins can be traded on an exchange just like Gold can be traded on the London Metal Exchange. The Bitcoin system makes extensive use of encryption technology (hence sometimes called a „crypto-currency“) and because it is a peer-to-peer network, there are millions of copies of the records of how many bitcoins there are and all the transactions between different parties using Bitcoin.

This makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit a bitcoin or spend the same bitcoin twice because it is extremely unlikely that any person or organization can take control of sufficient copies of the „Bitcoin Ledger“ (called the „Blockchain“) on the computers in the world and alter the records to their advantage. Once a false transaction is picked up by the system, it is automatically blocked from all the copies of the public Bitcoin ledger (transactions are validated by between six and eight trusted computers on the network).

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