Bitcoin discussion during school year 2015/16 @ BCN University

Bitcoin discussion during school year 2015/16 @ BCN University

Joint program from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) & the Barcelona Bitcoin Community (BBC) to promote study, development and discussion around the so called ‘cryptocurrencies’.

Starting with the inaugural lesson @ ETIC explaining the basics around the Bitcoin protocol on a technological level, the coming school year we will organize together specific workshops in different schools like sociology, economics, or law. We believe that the Bitcoin invention can trigger substantial changes across these verticals in the near future.

Our goal is to promote fruitful discussions within the academic environment, but open to the whole society, avoiding prejudice and bias. The program will enable assessment of technological, security, markets, politics, society, international, applications, laws and tax aspects and implications for example.

@ BTC-Guardian & the BBC we trust that this initiative will open the field for more & better local R&D and spreading. We have the opportunity to seed a new student generation which will embrace knowledge in parallel to their chosen degree. In 20 years from now they will reach the peak in their professional careers.

Crypto-pioneers are evangelizing, creating markets, researching new business models, but realizing that there is already chronic scarcity of blockchain developers. It is very difficult or expensive to staff our projects to develop the apps and tools that will help our potential customers to operate on blockchains.

We expect not only the Open Bitcoin Day to be a success in terms of audience. This school year Barcelona will have the opportunity to get closer to Bitcoin in an open and unbiased environment. to improve broadcasting of the whole program we have created the Hashtag #bitcoinUPF. Help us spreading and sharing timely updates on news, agendas and alike on Twitter.

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