A lot of activity lately and the price rising like a rocket!

A lot of activity lately and the price rising like a rocket!

After our exciting pre-summer event with happy end in ‘Plaça del Sol’ the summer brought peace and quietness. Way too much if you ask me, the break was excessive and long. But come September everything changed. It was like the world was rocking & rolling again. Increasing rhythm and pace steadily. Our Open Bitcoin day @ UPF was already planned months ago, but a lot more came on the agenda to our satisfaction.

Since then bitcoin has become VAT exempt in the European Union. Meanwhile some Asian countries regulators want to ban bitcoin or at least the exchange to FIAT, whilst in the western countries all are compliments and investment for Bitcoin and it’s underlying protocol, the Blockchain. Up to 22 banks are joining forces to study and develop Blockchain application to their processes. Earlier this week the bitcoin symbol has been added by Unicode to the standard character set and it will be found on computer keyboards. In Spain we have seen how important national projects like Coinffeine or BTCPoint have drown and silently muted to NevTrace and Verse (joinverse in the web). Our inland revenue minister Montoro has issued an RFI (request for information) to all businesses accepting bitcoin. And so we start November staring at the charts: bitcoin has doubled its price in 2 weeks.

This market reaction will probably trigger even more activity. For the moment our plans are:

  • Within the framework with the UPF, the next workshop is to be set soon in the school of economics. We are excited to start preparing jointly talks and discussions panels for this important event.
  • Within the BarcelonaBitcoinCommunity we are preparing the next MeetUp to be scheduled towards the end of the month focusing on the small and midsize businesses. We are co-organizing with a first line partner to double or even triple attendance.
  • We are excited waiting for the II FinTech Days BCN to be organized sometime soon.
  • Not too far down the road our next milestone is the expected launch for the Bitsquare project. Good things are worth waiting 4’em.
  • On a personal level, let me share with you that we are working hard to start our own Bitcoin centric Spanish co-working. It’ll be the first of its class and we are looking up the right partnerships to have our Start Ups coached and financed by the best we can get them.

There will be plenty of news out there before X-Mas and we will be glad to share them with you. Take care.

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