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Defeating the unbeaten

You can feel the tension in our players. They haven’t played a match for weeks. The weather, Easter holidays… They want to play and do great, but the adversary leads the table and 9 weeks ago when playing in Vilanova they scored 8 three-pointer defeating BTC-Guardian 60-87. C.B. Prat – Aigües del Prat B hasn’t […]

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Basketball team Sponsor

One of the first things that the BTC-Guardian board decided, even before incorporating as a limited company under Spanish law, was to sponsor sport, the team spirit of 12 juniors with high ambitions to improve daily at what the love to do: play basket. The Club inscribed the team to our surprise as Club Nou Basquet Vilanova BTC-Guardian into the regular league of basquet for their age and category in the Federació Catalana de Basquetbol.

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